Photo taken by resident artist and photographer Mike Waddell at the September First Friday show 300 Days by Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz

The I Fell Gallery holds monthly First Friday shows of resident or visiting artists. Events are typically 6-9pm and can be found below and through our Facebook page.

Holy Wretches & Other Rips in the Fabric of Everything: Embroideries by Annie Stout

“Holy Wretches and Other Rips in the Fabric of Everything is a kind of meditation and illustration of personal religion. Wretches are the demon saints of energy- kinetic and potential. They suck it in, spew it out, and wade through it. If warp is space, and weft is time, and holes are openings into a pleroma beyond comprehension, then Wretches are patches on the fabric of everything. Amen.”

Join us for the opening reception Friday, April 6th. As always, the event is free to attend and there will be snacks provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

The show will hang in the pop-up gallery until April 27th. Open hours throughout the month will be Tuesday – Friday 5-7pm.

Check out the event on our Facebook!