Photo taken by former resident artist and photographer Mike Waddell at the September 2017 First Friday show 300 Days by Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz

The I Fell Gallery holds monthly First Friday shows of resident or visiting artists. Events are typically 6-9pm and can be found through our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Limestone Post hosted an art show and release party celebrating its first print edition, an art magazine dedicated to Bloomington’s bicentennial, in June of 2018.

Artists featured in the show included:

Adam Reynolds
AJ O’Reilly
Amy Brier
Anna Powell Teeter
Carrie Markey
Daria Smith
Ellen Starr Lyon
James Tracy
Limestone Post
Mark Blaney
Mark Ratzlaff
Meg Lagodzki
Michal Ann Carley
Penina Gal
Richard Koenig
Uel Sven



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