Resident Artists

Angela Caldwell, Jewelry


Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Angela Caldwell Jewelry is a one-woman studio creating unique and wearable jewelry for modern women.  Using hand selected gemstones and lovingly discovered vintage elements, each piece is delicate yet durable and versatile.  Inspired by simple shapes, I seek to find combinations that attract and intrigue.  My jewelry will never overwhelm you but rather draw subtle attention to you and your own style.

Margaret Gohn, Oil Paint


I create thick, tactile, colorful paintings primarily based on nature. I enjoy a studied, spontaneous approach. I also like to blur the lines of reality and abstraction, and a bit of surrealism. 

Recently, I have been combining images of the earth (utilizing NASA satellite imagery) with roses of various colors and in various states of drying out. Painting images of the earth – from different days, and with various views, I enjoy contemplating the weather, climate, and effects on the land such as desertification. I notice cloud patterns relative to the land and vegetation – and how they affect each other. 

I enjoy creating an image of the earth with a rose that relates to the size of Mexico. The earth becomes a backdrop for the leaves and petals. The swirl of a rose seems to echo the swirl of the clouds – the colors of the rose similar to colors of the land or clouds. Part of the overall effect and sensibility of the finished painting includes how the various symbolisms of roses, and the earth in general, relate to life and love.

Patricia Cole, Oil Paint


Irish American painter Patricia Leitch Cole was born in Ireland and grew up outside Chicago in Indiana.  Cole received a BFA in painting from Indiana University and a MFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art where she taught drawing and also served as interim director of the Decker Gallery.  At Indiana , Cole worked under Robert Barnes and Barry Gealt.  At MICA Cole studied with Gretna Campbell and was graduate assistant to Campbell in painting.

After a year of travel and study in France, Cole established a studio in Bloomington Indiana, which continues to be home. Cole has received numerous awards and residencies including Visiting Artist at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, L’Ecole des Beaux Arts, Aix en Provence, France and Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Cole is the recipient of the Andrew Carnegie Prize for Painting at the National Academy of Design, 2000, Individual Artist Grant, and Artist’s Development Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission

Cole has exhibited widely in group and solo shows:  Grunewald Gallery, Indiana University; University of Johannesburg, South Africa; Indianapolis Museum of Art; Baltimore Museum of Art; Art on Paper 1 – 7, Toyota Municipal Art Museum, Japan; Indiana State Museum; Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio; Fell Gallery, Bloomington, IN; Blue Mountain Invitational / Painting, among others.

Regina Sweet, Textiles and Queer Femme Performing Artist


I am passionate about performing, sewing, illustrating, and helping other performers bring their ideas to life. Currently I focus on unique costumes and my own designs. I do alterations and repurposing garments by appointment. My work is important to me because it offers an alternative to the fast fashion industry and encourages self expression. Buy local, swap secondhand, bring in your old clothes for a makeover &  let’s make something fresh and rad together!

I studied jewelry design in college, and have been a performing artist since 2007. I began freelancing any and all art jobs at a young age and fell in love. I am committed to living life as a queer artist and working to create beauty and cool stuff all around me.

Amy Burrell, Textiles

2014-12-27-22-46-24Amy Burrell grew up in Brazil, where she spent about half her life. She holds an MFA in textiles where the focus of her exploration involves creating interactive installations where the viewer became the participant and explored new possibilities for interaction. She also holds a BS in Ballet with an outside field in Psychology. She is currently working as a massage therapists at Touchstone massage and as a Holotropic Breathwork and ecstatic dance facilitator in Bloomington.

Mike Waddell, Photography

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-12-57-42-pmMike Waddell was born in Tuscon, Arizona, but has lived in Indiana most of his life, calling Bloomington home for the past 19 years.  While always a fan of photography, Mike didn’t really begin to delve into it until just a few years ago after the death of his father.

Primary areas of photographic interest have been natural scenes, and, predominately, abandoned homes, buildings, and the ephemera left behind by humans.  It was this fascination with the temporariness of things – even of the light and the quality of colors in the changing of seasons – that led Mike to selecting the word Anicca – a Buddhist belief that all things, including the self, are impermanent and constantly changing –for his photography business which he started in 2015.

Prior to 2016, very little of Mike’s work involved people but recently an interest in creative portrait and candid street photography has developed.

Besides extensively traveling the Midwest to capture images of abandonment, Mike has also been involved in numerous photo projects including promotional movie posters for Bloomington Pride’s Film Festival in 2015; the CD artwork and promotional photos for Krista Detor’s 2015 release, “Barely”; projects for Vega Stylista’s Foxhole, the Bloomington Commission On Aging, and other groups; and a number of concerts, weddings, events, and personal portrait shoots. 

Mike has exhibited work at the Blueline Gallery and the I-Fell Building and is currently working on an upcoming project with Chicago based artist, Chrissie Dickinson.  Mike is available to provide photographic services for individuals, groups, and events and is always on the look-out for other artists and creative thinkers to collaborate on projects with.

Contact Mike at

Instagram:  anicca_photo

Paula Chambers, Fearless Ringleader Leather Design




‘Fearless design for brave souls everywhere.’ Paula has been sewing and designing custom carry items since 1984.  

IG: @fearlessringleader

Rainbow Bakery

Rainbow BakeryRainbow Bakery has been a colorful neighborhood gathering place since 2013. We offer a daily selection of fresh baked goods and simple coffee service, available for both dine-in or carry-out.

Enjoy a donut and conversation with a friend.
Grab a box of assorted treats for your co-workers.
Order a custom cake for your next special occasion.

There are many ways to experience Rainbow Bakery!

Tim Clougher, Symbolic Glass


Jonathan Barnitt, Jewelry

sterling silver celtic knotwork pendant.

Ledge Mule Press, Media/News, Publishing
Ledge Mule Press is dedicated to publishing books by Indiana poets in limited editions of 200 or less using letterpress, woodblock print, and a variety of other handmade techniques, presented to surrounding communities via readings, and sold at affordable prices.

Everen Kent Cycles
Re:Cycle specializes in creating custom built bicycles with attention to detail, using vintage era parts.

Cynthia Brubaker

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