Our History

The I Fell building began its life in 1930 as an Auborn cord Duesenberg car dealership built by Issac Fell. The building was used to sell used cars, mufflers, car parts, gas, tires, and auto glass and later began to scrap cars. By 1947 the property converted into a paper and rag warehouse with a junkyard to the south. An “S.” for store at the west end was historically the location of the auto-related businesses and later a beauty parlor and barbershops. Three gas tanks next to the one-story canopy along with a historic photo confirm the presence of a Sinclair gas station. Today the building houses artist studios, an art gallery, and several businesses including Rainbow Bakery, Everen Kent Cycles, and Ledge Mule Press. The historic life of the building lives on through its original concrete floors, steel truss roof, and pilastered brick walls.